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Hengniu Transformer Popular in 2019 China West Refrigeration Show

From May 23, 2019 to May 25, 2019, Chengdu Nuangnongnong Technology Co., Ltd.--Exclusive Global Distributor of Hengniu Transformer and Exclusive Distributor in China of LaminaHeat GmbH took Hengniu Transformer to be showed in 2019 China West International Exhibition for Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation, Frozen Food Processing, Packaging and Storage. Hengniu Transformer is popular attributted to small size, high efficiency, low temperature-rise and small noise.

LaminaHeat Nuangnongnong Heating System is driven by a 36V human safety low-voltage power supply, isolated from the Power Grid. Low voltage, big power, big current give a strict requirement on the transformer to improve efficiency and control safety, size, noise, temperature rise. German LaminaHeat inquired the main transforfmer manufacturer all over the world, and finally nominate HENGNIU Brand Transformer made by ChongZhou HengDa as the matching transformer for it’s heating system sold globally.

Since 2015, Chongzhou Hengda has successfully developed a special transformer for LaminaHeat heating system with nearly 20 models covering the series of Embeded, Wall-mounted and Ultra-silent, after thousands of tests in four years. It has four independent innovative technologies, among which Inrush Current Limitor gained Patent, the other three items during patent application; its key device, a large capacity toroidal transformer gained the CQC certificate. Now, on the basis of the first generation transformers, the second generation transformer products have been developed, in which both the device for heater abnormal heating protection  and the device to automatically adjust the abnormal voltage fluctuations in input power power are installed, also a small sudden sound with AC contactor start-up and shut-off is almostly removed. Also a special wireless temperature controller has been developed by Chongzhou Hengda. Now HENGNIU transformer are comfirmed by German LaminaHeat GmbH and its customers in Germany, Britain, the United States, Canada, Russia, Spain, Italy, New Zealand, South Korea, Morocco etc.
Mr. Xiang Yuchong being Viewed by CCTV.

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