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HENGNIU-a toroidal transformer manufacturer

HENGNIU - the registered trademark of sichuan chongzhou hengda electronic transformer,One of the implications is that in the process of electronic transformer production as hard as a cow.Another implication is that the electronic transformer of hengda production is "bullishness chronological".Sichuan Chongzhou Hengda Electronic factory is a set of R&D development,production,sales as one of the professional engaged in various types of toroidal transformer,EI transformer manufacturer,founded in 1994.The hengda transformer has formed a set of mature transformer custom product line, and also has a professional transformer production and management team with senior transformer engineers.The toroidal transformer produced by hengda is characterized by:
First, the core is self-produced and the size varies with the "core" : the hengda ring transformer core can be coiled by itself, and the size can be adjusted according to the customer's requirement, according to need
Second, "tall + small hole" : because the constant ox ring is small, has shorter magnetic circuit, lower leakage magnetism; Under the same power, the constant torus is small; Also, under the same volume, the power of the constant ring will be greater; It is more suitable for customers to install in a limited space.

Custom transformers are found in sichuan hengda, hengda electronic 23 years focused on the development and production of electronic transformer, if you are interested in hengda electronic products, please contact our customer service, or call:+86-28-82385361
;Hengda electronic website: www.hdoofactory.com
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