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HENGNIU 36V Transformer’s First Show in the International Green Architecture and Construction Materials (Shanghai) Expo

Recently, Germany LaminaHeat Nuannongnong 36V low-voltage electric heating system debuted in International Green Architecture and Construction Materials (Shanghai) Expo in SNIEC (Shanghai New International Expo Centre). The booth of Chengdu Nuannongnog was crowded, it attracting the talented people from all over the world by It’s heating solution far different from the traditional one, its advanced technology and process, broad market prospects and the policy to create a business platform for the aspiring youth.
Combining several international patents of Germany LaminaHeat with several domestic patents of Chengdu Nuannongnong, the special superficial installation technology has broken the pain points that restrict the popularization of traditional water heating and electric floor heating from the technical level, with the features of invisible installation, 36V weak power supply (Hengniu Brand Transformer), strong start-up heating, ready-to-use, energy-saving and maintenance-free features, while achieving intelligent temperature control with mobile APP remote control function, separate rooms installation, only RMB 5800 can bring the "Sun" Going home, floor heating, wall heating and ceiling heating are all available. smallpox warming optional choice, all of the above are the high-light with a huge potential market potential, bright spots to shock in Shanghai.

The visitors from Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Xuzhou, Hefei, Ma'anshan, Shijiazhuang, Zhangjiakou, Lanzhou, etc., scrambling for the detailed information of the product advantages, outstanding features and market operations, expressed that they are going to visit Nuannongnong Headquarter then join us: some intend to creat their own business through Nuannongnong, and some hope to upgrade its business in the help of Nuannongnong.


Unique Nunnon has attracted the envious eyes of overseas HVAC professional audiences such as Australia, Japan, Korea, Mexico, North Korea and so on. They have stopped in succession to consult and experience, and OK has continued. After Australian customer experience, praise is endless: Australia is currently in the cold winter, I hope the sunshine of warm Nongnong will bring a bright spring to Australia as soon as possible.    

Nuannongnong with its unique features has attracted the attention of the professionals from Australia, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, North Korea, etc., and they have stopped to consul, experience and confirm. The Australian customer is full of praise: Australia is currently in the cold winter, hope that the Nuannongnong can biring the warm sunshine and spring to Australia as soon as possible.
Mr. Xiang Wei, CEO of Chengdu Nuannongnong Technology and CEO of Chongzhou Hengda Electronics Factory, immediately indicated to this Australian customer that he would introduce Germany LaminaHeat GmbH to him. The features of HENGNIU 36V power supply was also introduced: it solved the safety risk of the trandistional 220V power supply from the grid directly, and ensures that there is no safety risk in the extreme cases of the heating body or the line being damaged or in contact with water; it is small in size, high in efficiency, low in temperature rise, low in noise. Now the special transformer developed by Chongzhou Hengda for LaminaHeat heating system with nearly 20 models covers the series of Embeded, Wall-mounted and Ultra-silent, after thousands of tests in four years. It has four independent innovative technologies, among which Inrush Current Limitor gained Patent, the other three items during patent application; its key device, a large capacity toroidal transformer gained the CQC certificate. Now, on the basis of the first generation transformers, the second generation transformer products have been developed, in which both the device for heater abnormal heating protection and the device to automatically adjust the abnormal voltage fluctuations in input power power are installed, also a small sudden sound with AC contactor start-up and shut-off is almostly removed. Also a special wireless temperature controller has been developed by Chongzhou Hengda.

When the Australian customer heard that the HENGNIU Transformer work for the Germany winery with the history of thousands of years and exported to Canada in bulk, he was convinced with a thumbs up.

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