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Comparison of toroidal transformer and EI transformer

About toroidal transformer and EI transformer ,a lot of customer wondering which is better.Our engineers give the following evaluation:
The efficiency of 50W toroidal transformer is 86% -90%, while the working efficiency of 50W square transformer is 80-84%.
2.Temperature rise
Same input,output and capacity,The temperature rise of toroidal transformer is lower than EI transformer.
The cost of toroidal transformer above 200W is less than EI transformer
The interference of toroidal transformer is less than EI transformer, EI transformer has more low frequency interference too.
5.Service life
Toroidal transformer and EI transformer have no life attenuation material, and some of our transformers are still in good working condition in 15 years later.
6.Low temperature characteristics
The toroidal transformer and square transformer are still normally started at -30 C, so it is very suitable for the north winter outdoor use.
7.Flexible design
Toroidal transformer volume can be customized according to customer requirements, multi-winding can be customized, custom mold without. Easy to install.
From this, we can see that toroidal transformer and square transformer have their own advantages. Hengda Electronics has been specializing in R & D and production of toroidal and EI square transformers for 23 years.If you want to know more about our products, please contact our customer service hotline: +86-28-82385361, or visit website: www.hdoofactory.com.
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