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Chongzhou Hengda customize the suitable products for the customers

When receiving a customer who wants to customize a toroidal transformer that can store and work under -40℃, our engineer started to study whether the enameled wire and insulation material can work at this very low temperature.Because our toroidal transformer tests are usually from -25℃ to -30℃, the transformer can operate normally under this condition.Then, according to the customer's request, we have customized a transformer that can work at  -40℃ for a short time.Although it can not always workong at such low temperature, but our customer is also very satisfied. What’s more, because our toroidal iron core is self-made, we can also meet the customer's dequirement for size.
Chongzhou Hengda electronics, twenty-three years of focusing on the R&D, manufacturing and service of the transformer, holding UL, CE, RoHS, SGS, CESI, ISO9001 and other authoritative certification. After more than 20 years of R&D experience, Hengda has become one of the first class transformer manufacturers in China. If you want to know more about our products, please contact our customer service hotline: +86-28-82385361, or visit website: www.hdoofactory.com.
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