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USA Customer Satisfied with Sichuan Chongzhou Hengda Electronics’ Industrial Equipment Power Solution

USA Customer Satisfied with Sichuan Chongzhou Hengda Electronics’s Industrial Equipment Power Supply Solution, Regular Order of 600PCS/Month Coming True!
In this May, A Customer from USA enquired Sichuan Chongzhou Hengda Electronics a 6000VA toroid transformer, which will be installed in tooling control device. The load was a brushless motor and its controller. It was powered by the grid and rectified into DC power after the loop change for the load.  
Customers are very satisfied with Hengda ’s good solution and samples, Now regular order of 600PCS/Month comes true!
Since 1994, Sichuan Chongzhou Hengda Electronics, devoted itself only to the R&D and manufacture of power transformer/electronic transformer/saftey transformer/isolation transformer/control transformer/audio transformer/stepup transformer/stepdown transformer/toroidal transformer/EI transformers/encapsulated transformer/central potted transformer/pcb transformer/pin transformer/cable transformer/current transformer/low voltage transformer/inductor/transformer toroidal core/transformer lamination core for over 20 years. For more details, please email to czhd@hdoofactory.com, or visit www.hdoofactory.com

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