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How to Chose a Nice Audio Transformer

The power transformer is an important part of the audio equipment and is one of the main equipment to ensure reliable power and sound quality in the sound. However, the magnetic field generated during its operation, electromagnetic induction and large interference to the circuit, is therefore the largest source of interference in audio equipment. How to properly handle it to effectively avoid the interference generated by the power transformer, so that the amplifier gets excellent sound effects? Sichuan Chongzhou Hengda Electronics has created a fan-friendly HI-FI iron shell potting toroidal transformer for the majority of audio enthusiasts. It uses high-quality metal casing and epoxy resin potting, and uses double shielding technology to well eliminate mechanical noise and electromagnetic interference. At the same time, it can also solve the buzz.
Since 1994, Sichuan Chongzhou Hengda Electronics, devoted itself only to the R&D and manufacture of power transformer/electronic transformer/saftey transformer/isolation transformer/control transformer/audio transformer/stepup transformer/stepdown transformer/toroidal transformer/EI transformers/encapsulated transformer/central potted transformer/pcb transformer/pin transformer/cable transformer/current transformer/low voltage transformer/inductor/transformer toroidal core/transformer lamination core for over 20 years. For more details, please email to czhd@hdoofactory.com, or visit www.hdoofactory.com
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