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HENGNIU Electronic Transformers Well Work in High-precision Electronic Scale and Electrnoic Balance

Tianjin *** Electronics Co., Ltd. is a well-known professional manufacturer of electronic Scale and Electrnoic Balance by integrating design, production and sales. Recently, it is designing a new high-precision electronic scale. Its working principle is when the object is placed on the weighing pan. The pressure is applied to the sensor, the sensor is elastically deformed, the impedance and the excitation voltage are correspondingly changed, and the output signal is output; the signal is amplified by the amplifier circuit and output to the digital converter, converted into a digital signal for processing, and then output to the CPU. The CPU outputs the operation result to the display according to the keyboard command and the program.
This product requires its supporting electronic transformer to have excellent quality such as strong anti-interference ability and low temperature rise. Hengda Electronic Technology team has in-depth understanding of customer needs, special research, targeted design of a high-quality transformer for customers to test in advance, the effect is gratifying, and now has mass production.
Since 1994, Sichuan Chongzhou Hengda Electronics, devoted itself only to the R&D and manufacture of power transformer/electronic transformer/saftey transformer/isolation transformer/control transformer/audio transformer/stepup transformer/stepdown transformer/toroidal transformer/EI transformers/encapsulated transformer/central potted transformer/pcb transformer/pin transformer/cable transformer/current transformer/low voltage transformer/inductor/transformer toroidal core/transformer lamination core for over 20 years. For more details, please email to czhd@hdoofactory.com, or visit www.hdoofactory.com
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