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Chongzhou Hengda helps domestic famous talk equipment enterprises

Chongzhou Hengda provide transformers to Beijing ** Co., Ltd. is a well-known high-end equipment manufacturers, and its products have been used in major events.
Beijing * * Co. Ltd. is well-known words high-end equipment manufacturing enterprises, the products have been applied to the People's Republic of China National Day celebration, 60th anniversary the twenty-ninth session of the Olympic Games and other major activities; also exported to dozens of countries and regions, has a certain international influence force.
In late July, Wu manager of the company contacted Chongzhou Hengda through the official website to ask whether there are small power ring transformers, because they are exported to Europe and the United States, so they must have UL certification, and the appearance must be absolutely beautiful.In accordance with the requirements of the customer, the Hengda engineer completed the design and production of the sample and quality inspection in a short time. After receiving the test, the transformer was very satisfied with the performance and shape of the transformer. It immediately said that it would mass customization, and established a cooperative relationship with Hengda.

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