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The electronic industry is changing with each passing day. As a key component of electronic products, electronic transformers are directly related to the reliability of electronic products. How can we produce high quality toroidal transformers?  
  1. Toroidal core: Firstly, the ring core with high quality should be choosed. The core should have high magnetic permeability and low loss. The annular core is tightly wound without air gap, which can reduce the noise of the induced vibration of the toroidal core. The cross-sectional area meets the power requirements.      
  1. Enameled wire: The diameter of the enameled wire is sufficient (the diameter of the wire is determined by the current, the wire diameter is too high, the flow resistance is not enough, it is easy to heat and burn the transformer); the paint wire layer is good, the adhesion is strong, the paint layer is uniform, and the insulation strength is sufficient (paint layer Poor insulation strength is not enough, it is easy to cause serious perforation of the paint layer, resulting in short circuit of the transformer), the paint line of the enameled wire is good, and the wound toroidal transformer is not easy to produce short circuit and is more durable.  
  1. Insulation material: The insulation material of the toroidal transformer determines the safety and service life of the transformer. The insulation material is good. The toroidal transformer has strong impact resistance. The possibility of short-circuit and leakage of the toroidal transformer is small. If the insulation material is damaged or withstand Without the temperature rise of the transformer itself, the transformer is easily short-circuited directly.  
  1. Winding process: The winding process of the toroidal transformer is also very important. Every employee must undergo professional training, and the achievement of the standard can only be put on the job, effectively ensuring that the winding of the toroidal transformer enameled wire is evenly arranged and leveled, and the machine is wound. The line strength is properly adjusted; and the perforation of the enameled wire during the winding process can be avoided. The thus wrapped enameled wire evenly surrounds the toroidal core, and can effectively reduce the "click" caused by magnetostriction.       
In general, the quality of the toroidal transformer is mainly determined by the factors of the toroidal core, the enameled wire, the insulating material and the winding process; as long as these aspects are completed, the quality of the toroidal transformer can be produced very well. .                                                  
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